Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Trios To Remember/Bassline Concert Series

Not to be outdone, and certainly impressed by what he'd heard, Marcus Persiani turned in a well-honed set with familiar band-mates Andy McCloud (b) and Dion Parson (d).The opener was by a Persiani favorite, Hilton Ruiz-his "New Arrival" seemed especially aptly named this evening, but the mercurial solo by the pianist (with a dash of Tyner for good measure), announced that Marcus was up to the challenge. Parsons took a solo that showed his fine sense of dynamics before closing things out. An original, “Lost City" followed-the hip vamp that opened it up made me think about relocating(not to worry, anyone reading this already has the proverbial 'room with a view').Something from Wayne Shorter's songbook-"Night Dreamer"-found Persiani evoking a dream-like state with his intro. The moody, waltz-time flavor of the piece underscored the popularity of Shorter's writing for the modern musician. Parson, with a nod to Elvin Jones, was flailing away at his kit as the tune ended, as if to shout.."Wake up!" More please! Read More from http://www.vtyjazz.com/reviews.html#TriosToRemember

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