Tuesday, April 6, 2010

TCIII@st. nicks pub

Recorded live at St Nicks Pub on 145st and St Nicolas Ave in NYC. TC lll at his Sunday night jam session with the house rhythm section.....

Trios To Remember/Bassline Concert Series

Not to be outdone, and certainly impressed by what he'd heard, Marcus Persiani turned in a well-honed set with familiar band-mates Andy McCloud (b) and Dion Parson (d).The opener was by a Persiani favorite, Hilton Ruiz-his "New Arrival" seemed especially aptly named this evening, but the mercurial solo by the pianist (with a dash of Tyner for good measure), announced that Marcus was up to the challenge. Parsons took a solo that showed his fine sense of dynamics before closing things out. An original, “Lost City" followed-the hip vamp that opened it up made me think about relocating(not to worry, anyone reading this already has the proverbial 'room with a view').Something from Wayne Shorter's songbook-"Night Dreamer"-found Persiani evoking a dream-like state with his intro. The moody, waltz-time flavor of the piece underscored the popularity of Shorter's writing for the modern musician. Parson, with a nod to Elvin Jones, was flailing away at his kit as the tune ended, as if to shout.."Wake up!" More please! Read More from http://www.vtyjazz.com/reviews.html#TriosToRemember